Here Is The Top List – Best of Budva Beaches

The beaches of Budva are covered with sand of high quality. They are spread over 38km of jagged coastline with many inlets, shelters, sandy beaches, capes, and small isles.

The centuries-old dance of the sea waves and the coast-line has made a unique arrangement of oval inlets with strands, at the spots where fine soft zones meet the steep cliffs which are made of hard limestone.

This unrepeatable beauty of constant changes provides dual satisfaction coming from magnificent beaches and steep cliffs.

Ploče Budva Beach

Ploče Beach – This is a “beach” without an actual beach, in other words, sand. It has one or two sandy shores, but the fun is where the rocks are. There are a couple of cafes and bars, pools, loud music, constant foam parties, and a lot of beach chairs, so if you’re planning on bringing your own beach towel to lay on, don’t bother. There are round tables inside the pool, where you can grab a drink and enjoy the music and the foam party. There are young people dancing everywhere, and the DJ plays the greatest summer hits.
Getting into the sea is the tricky part. Since there’s no beach, it’s like getting into a giant pool. There are stairs that go into the sea, but because of the rocks, you have to be extremely careful. I hit my foot really bad on one of the rocks on my way in. Also, the water is way too cold, again, probably because of the rocks, so I wouldn’t recommend jumping into the water, even though there were many people doing it.
All in all, this beach is a heaven on earth for young people with a lot of parties, loud music and fun.

Jaz Budva Beach

Jaz Beach is one of the three great potentials of Montenegrin seaside. It is situated in the Mrcevo field as its background with the seasonal Drenovstica river running through it. It is from both its sides protected by the hills of Grbalj and Straza. The beach is 2.5km away from Budva on the way to Tivat. There are two parts of this beach, one is 500m long, and the smaller one which is used by nudists is  300m long. The beach is pebbly and the sea bottom at its beginning, but it becomes sandy as the water gets deeper. The sand gives the water a wonderful turquoise shade. In the background of the bigger part of the beach, in the Mediterranean vegetation and greenery, there is a campsite with the capacity of 2000 sites. This beach is a protected natural area of the first category.

Mogren Buvda Beach

These two beaches are spreading out at the area from Mogren Cape to Vidikovac of the Avala hotel. The natural conditions of Mogren enlist them in the category of the most attractive beaches, with the sand of medium granulation at the beach and the sea bottom. The beach is extraordinary sunny and exposed to the south wind. From its backside, it is protected by Spas hill which is overgrown with dense pine and oak forest. The beach can be accessed only through the Avala hotel complex, what makes the beach exclusive. It is 150m away from the Old town. Mogren consists of two sandy beaches 350m long, which are connected with a tunnel. These beaches were named after the Spanish seaman called Mogrinj who had a shipwreck and landed at one of them. As a  sign of gratitude, he built a church devoted to St. Anton.

City Budva Beach

One city beach is between the Old town and the Avala hotel, and the other one between the Old town and Budva port. They are pebbly and immediately next to the ramparts of the Old Town.

Budva Slovenska beach

It spreads out from the city port to the Park hotel, the total length is about 1600m. It was declared a bathing beach in 1920, and some Czechs who spent their vacation in Budva in 1935 called it Slovenian beach and it is still called so. The beach is pebbly, as well as the sea bottom. In its background, there is the same named hotel with apartments, annexes, restaurants, cafes, well-managed parks with different kinds of Mediterranean vegetation.

Becici Beach – Beach close to the city

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and largest beaches on the south part of the Adriatic Sea. It is sandy, 1950m long and goes from Zavala to Djevistenja. In 1935 it was rewarded Grand Prix (Golden Palm) in Paris.

How significant Budva beaches and the quality of their sand were, shows the fact that the Czechs made an exhibition of the sand from these beaches for advertisement purposes.

As a part of the background, there is a complex tourist settlement. It can be considered to be a bathing zone, sports zone, the zone for recreation and relaxation in well-managed parks, with different sports terrains, and of course the zone of all kinds of accommodation capacities.

Kamenovo – Beach near Budva

The Kamenovo Beach is the first one in the succession of about 16 smaller, very attractive beaches of Budva Riviera, at the line towards Perazici valley. It is situated between Becici and Przno. The beach is and the sea button is sandy.  This makes crystally clean water look turquoise at one and azure in the next moment. It is oriented towards south-east with a big number of sunny hours. Kamenovo beach is easily accessed because of the vicinity of the high way. It is 730m long.

Przno – Beach near Budva

It is situated in front of the vivid, typical sea shore settlement, what gives the beach a special charm. It spreads out from  Przno Cape to  Milocer Cape. Przno is the combination of partly sandy and partly rocky beach, which is 350m long. There are olive groves of extreme value in its background, because of which the whole locality has been enlisted in the protected natural reservations.

Milocer – Beach near Budva

It is situated beneath the former summer resort of the royal Karadorevic family,  which was built in 1934 and it is separated from the high way with a wall with two gates, one leading to Przno, and the other one to St. Stefan. The beach is 380m long, and in the background, there is Milocer forest spreading out in the area of 18 h. There are rare exotic tree species, like Lebanese cedar, tropical Mimosa, Japanese medlar, cactuses, agaves… The Milocer beach is a sandy beach of high category and together with beautiful background and exclusive hotel, it is a perfect work of nature and human hands.

Queen Beach Beach near Budva

It is situated immediately next to Milocer beach and fits in this environment because of its attractiveness. The beach is 1000m long, with cypress and olive trees in its background. It was the favorite beach of Queen Maria Karadordevic and that’s how it got its name.

Sveti Stefan Beach near Budva

At this, for many people the most attractive spot of all the Adriatic coast, we come across a very rare natural phenomenon – the tombola. It is a sandy isthmus that connects the coast with the crag, on which St. Stefan, the exclusive town-hotel is built. There are two sandy beaches on the left and on the right side of the tombola. The sand is reddish and the beaches are 1170m long. In the background, there are restaurants, cafes, a hotel, a diving club, a parking lot. All this is situated in a park that is arranged in a Mediterranean style. St. Stefan is the only de lux location at the Montenegrin seaside, and its exclusiveness has been famous in the world for a long time. The most popular people come here gladly to spend their vacations. Some of the guests were Villie Brant, Boby Fisher, Sofia Loren, Monica  Viti, Ingemar Stenmark, Silvester Stalone, Claudia Shiffer…Among the recognition that St. Stefan was awarded, is the prize Golden Apple (1964) from Life magazine.

Drobni pijesak Beaches near Budva

The terrain towards the south, towards Petrovac, is such that it caused forming a few small, pulled in beaches. They are accessible only from the sea. The Drobni sand beach is distinctive for its beauty. It is situated in a hidden valley and it is 250m long. As its sand is yellow-white it reminds of tropical beaches, and as the background is overgrown with olives and maquis it is called “wild”. There is a spring of drinking water and a few restaurants on the very beach. Drobni sand is a favorite vacation area of many people.

Perazica do Beaches near Budva

It is situated beneath the Rezevici monastery, by the high way. It is a small sandy beach in the valley deeply pulled in the dry land. There is a magnificent hotel called As in its background. There is a small pontoon for the landing of boats.

Petrovac Budva Beach

This beach with reddish sand is about 600m long and is one with the biggest number of visitors in Budva Riviera. It has a special charm because of the two isles Katic and St. Sunday, which are true challenges for the lovers of sea depths.  Petrovac beach is a protected natural reservation. Its bathing part is rimmed with a promenade, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops…Hotels Palas and 4th July are in its background.

Lucice Petrovac Beach near Budva

This is a wonderful bathing locality which is still almost untouched despite the great number of visitors. The beach is 500m away from Petrovac. It has the shape of a small bay. It is 220m long, it is sandy and so is the sea bottom. The sea is very shallow and there are cypresses and pines in its background. There are also two restaurants.

Buljarica Petrovac Beach near Budva

Buljarica is a tourist complex, third for its importance on the coast-line and very significant for Montenegro as a whole. Buljarica Field and the slopes of Dubovica Hill are very convenient for development of all types of tourism. The Buljarica Bay spreads out from the Resovo Brdo Cape to Dubovica and it is the largest beach in Budva Riviera. It is 1 km away from Petrovac towards Bar, about 2250m long, pebbly. There are a few auto campsites and rest homes in its background.

Island St Nikola Beaches close to the city

The St. Nikola’s isle is the most popular picnic attraction in Budva. The shores of the isle go steeply into the sea. There are many hidden inlets which are a challenge for eccentrics, adventurers and romantic souls. There are three sandy beaches, the total length of which is 840m. The isle is overgrown with various Mediterranean vegetation what makes the beaches and inlets attractively “wild”. It is convenient for daily as the visits at night. It is less than 1km away from Budva. During the season you can get there by boats which daily go there leaving from Budva beaches.

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