Kotor Beaches – Montenegro Secret Gem

As  Kotor Riviera is in the deepest part of the Boka Bay, there are no long sandy beaches which are characteristic of other parts of Montenegrin coastline. What makes this Riviera special are numerous pontoons which give a special charm to the landscape.

Many of these are in private properties, so if you make a reservation of an apartment in any of the beautiful palaces at this part of the coast-line, you will be able to enjoy a pontoon on your own during the day, and the calm of the beautiful Kotor Bay during the night.

Morinj – Kotor Beaches

This is a sandy-pebbly beach, 1000m long, 15m wide, the background of which has a natural attraction – the pulled in the canal with a marine in the dry land part. The beach is situated on a cape, beneath the highway. The springs of drinking water where the old mills are converted into exclusive ambient restaurants are next to the beach.

Risan – Kotor Bay Beaches

The Risan Beach is situated in the part of the coast between Risan and Strp. It is a pebbly beach, 1000m long, 10m wide, and very convenient for medicinal tourism and recreation. There is a Teuta hotel nearby.

Bajova kula – Kotor Bay Beaches

This is a very attractive beach and a favorite picnic place of the local people from Kotor. It was named after the legendary hero Bajo Pivljanin who built the tower to be his shelter in times between battles. It is situated on the way to Perast. It is pebbly, 60m long, and seawater is extremely clean and transparent. In the background of the beach, there is dense greenery of laurel trees, the pleasant smell of which makes the experience of sunbathing and swimming completely. In a part of the beach, there is a quay where the Kotor inhabitants and the lovers of this beach bind their boats. You can get here both from land and sea.

Orahovac – Kotor Bay Beaches

This is also a favorite vacation place of the Kotor inhabitants. The beach is sunny throughout the whole day and the sea water is crystally clean. It is near Kotor, on the way to Perast. It is pebbly, 1000m long, and what makes it distinctive is its environment – the harmonious unity of the coastline, the sea and houses built of stone surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation. The sea water is also extremely clean. The sea fields for the growth of eatable shells are proof of its purity.

Markov Cape – Kotor Bay Beaches

This is one of the most famous locations for medicinal tourism and rehabilitation. There is a beach particularly built for this purpose, which is used only by the hotel guests. The beach is pebbly, 1000m long and there is the same named hotel complex of bungalow type nearby. Marco’s Cape is situated between  Prcanj and Stoliv, in the Kotor part of the Bay.

Zukovica – Beaches Near Kotor

This is a valley which belongs to the locality of Donji Grbalj and is one of the attractions of this part of the coast. The very valley is the center of a few smaller ones which gravitate to it. You can get there going by the macadam village road that complies the environment of virgin nature. The coast is slightly sloped toward the sea, it is pebbly, 200m long, and its background is dense maquis.

Trsteno – Beaches Near Kotor

Trsteno Valley is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region of Donji Grbalj and is one of the nine most beautiful beaches of Montenegrin coast. It is deeply pulled in the dry land and so is protected from high waves, storms and south wind. The beach which is 200m long, with fine sand, clear azure sea water, sandy sea bottom, untouched natural environment presents only a part of what expects you on Trsteno. You can get there by asphalt road which connects Trsteno to the motorway Herceg Novi – Bar.

Bigova – Beaches Near Kotor

Bigovo Valley also belongs to the locality of Donji Grbalj between Budva and Tivat. It is deeply pulled in the dry land and for such a position it used to be a fishing port which the fishermen used as their shelter from the storm. Nowadays, it is inhabited the fishing place and a port. It is famous for the healing sand, which is found at the very end of Bigovo valley, and for a rocky beach, fine fish and fishing fiests.

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