Review Of The Best Caffe And Dinning Place In Tivat Municipality in 2018

Tivat offer everything from traditional local, national cuisine to Italian, Mediterranean & Europe.

KLM Tivat

Lounge Caffe Bar KLM Tivat

KLM Lounge Bar Tivat

Caffe bar and pizzeria KLM is a Tivat restaurant located just across the city park, in the heart of Tivat. Since the year 2000 KLM Tivat has been welcoming its guests with a big smile.

Diverse cuisine and delicious recipes backed by years of international catering experience (Switzerland and Austria) keep surprising both new and returning guests.

Black Sheep

The Black Sheep Gasto

Black Sheep Gastro Pub

The Black Sheep – the first gastro pub in Tivat! A variety of unusual dishes that prepare highly qualified chef for your choice. Assortment of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, desserts is various, so the taste of any visitor can be satisfied!

Volat Lounge Bar

volat restaurant in Tivat

Lounge bar and Restaurant Volat

Volat Lounge Bar is located in the charming marina Kalimanj in Tivat. This unique building, which gives special significance to this wonderful story, which connects old fisherman Tivat and undisputed modern luxury of this area.

Ambient Tivat

Ambient restaurant pizza caffe outside

Restaurant Ambient

Since 2009, Tivat restaurants is enriched with a very attractive four star restaurant located in the heart of Tivat.

Restaurant Ambient is a place for businessmen, families, middle-aged people and elders, increasingly appealing for young couples looking to complete their romance with pleasures provided by our kind and proffesional staff.