Budva is the tourist mecca of Montenegró, a town everyone wants to visit and stay in.

Budva Montenegro metropolis of tourism

It has been called the metropolis of tourism, the queen of the Adriatic, the city that never sleeps,the Budva Riviera ( Budvanska Rivijera) of pearly beaches, the city of festivals… in one word Budva.


Budva Montenegró is most popular tourist destination is also the oldest city on the eastern Adriatic, which was mentioned as far back as in the 5th century BC by Sophocled as “Butua, a city of the Illyrians”. Budva with it’s traces of Illirian, Hellenic, Roman and Slavic cultures is not only an epicentre of European civilization, but also terra incognita for the next generation eager to experience adventure and have a goodtime.

The Budva Riviera with the most beautifull Montenegro beaches

On the Budvanska Rivijera, an area of only twenty kilometres, you will find olive trees dating from the beginning of the 1st millenium in Ivanovići, 19 fascinating hiking trails, eight monasteries, more than 50 rural and urban temples of gods, as well as hundreds of modern Budva hotels, Budva cafes and bars, Budva restaurants and discotheques, and amazing Budva beaches.


The list of leisure and entertainmnet option is inexhaustible – from quite romatic dinners by the seaside, theatre play and classical concerts, all in the way to shows featuring international stars – the glamour and luxury of the summer destination – Budva, Montenegro.


In the winter months, Montenegro city Budva of unlimited energy, which inspires an eathquake of emotions, relaxes and transforms into a small Montenegro coastal town that attracts many people looking for absolute peace and quiet, or a rest from taking a rest – a morning coffe on a terrace by the sea, a walk down lungo mare,a deckchair at the a beach cafe and a glass of wine, an afternoonstroll through the Old Town Budva without crowds of people around you, exploring Budva museums, Budva galleries, town fortresses and the numerous fish Budva restaurants.


Apart from, Montenegró city Budva , the city that never sleeps, there are also Bečići, Pržno, Miločer, Sveti Stefan, Reževići, Petrovac and Buljarica, all waiting for You.


The next town along the Budva Riviera is Bečići, which has a two kilometers long beach, declared by Parisian experts in 1935 to be the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean. It is an ideal place to come for a family vacation, enjoy the beach and the available sports activities.


The old fisherman village of Pržno is situated between Bečići and Sveti Stefan. It has an idyllic village atmosphere. the gentle sound of the waves, the boats and the people talking on the waterfront, which is amplified by the sound of tennis balls coming from the nearby luxury hotel. It is a perfect place for those who enjoy sunset.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan , a medieval fortification and refuge from Ottoman and pirate attacks, was transformed in the mid-1960 into an elite hotel-town, a symphony of rural intimacy and modern splendour. Since that time, it nas been attracting memebers of the international jet set with sophisticated taste.


This small coastal town, an ideal place for family holiday, is located only 18 km away from Budva. With over 2000 sunny hours a year, beautiful sandy beaches, lush green vegetation and a promenade with houses featuring authentic coastal architecture, Petrovac wil win you over at first sight.